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ADHD Coaching Services

Supporting your success with ADHD and Executive Functioning

In a Meeting

Set Goals and Follow Through

Coaching to help you discover your true values and 

strengths, discover purpose, and create solid goals

with manageable roadmaps.

Better Organization

Coaching for better organization, so you stop losing your keys, don't panic when someone asks for a document, and get some mental clarity.

Coaching to help you better understand how to effectively manage your time, create lists, show up on time, remember appointments, and feel less rushed!

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Manage Your Time

Get Support and Positive Reinforcement

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Manage Your Stress and Stick to Your Boundries

Coaching to help you refill your energy reserves, learn how to avoid depleting them, and knowing when to say "Enough!"

Bouquet of Daisies

Get Support and Positive Reinforcement

Coaching to teach you to be accountable, support you

with empathy and kindness, help you to forge your path to self-discovery, and cheer you on 

along the way.

Coaching to teach you to be accountable, support you

with empathy and kindness, help you to forge your path to self-discovery, and cheer you on 

along the way.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is about helping people identify obstacles and create plans to remove them. A life coach will sit with you to understand where you are now and where you want to be - and support you through achieving that. Coaching is a form of support that helps people to learn and grow in their careers, personal lives, and relationships.

You should not choose coaching if....


You're looking for therapy.

Therapists tend to be past & present-focused. Coaches are present & future-focused. If you need a licensed therapist, it is strongly encouraged that you seek primary care from them and supportive care from a coach. 


You want someone to do it for you.

You will learn how to hold and keep yourself accountable. No one will be able to maintain that, but you. Coaches will discuss your progress, ask you how things are going, and provide some degree of accountability, but you are the one in charge of that. If you can't maintain the progress and work to ensure success, coaching is not a good option.


You are not motivated enough for change.

Keeping an open mind is going to be instrumental in allowing yourself to grow. Fixed mindsets are the death of success. If you are unwilling to see things objectively, practice curiosity, and be open to new ideas - coaching is not a good option.


You want results ASAP

You will see some immediate rewards, but coaches aren't magicians and your life won't be completely changed after 2 sessions. These things take time, effort, and consistency. 

Book your Free Discovery Session

Coaching Sessions


Coaching Session

Sessions are all structured differently and tailored to the individual. We will always address how you did, how you're doing, and if there are any barriers in your path. One day we may also add in an assessment or activity. We may discuss an issue that just came up. 

Sessions are 45 minutes long, and in the beginning, a bi-weekly schedule is suggested at minimum. 


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Free Discovery Session

Not sure coaching is for you? Let's chat!

We will discuss what a coaching session looks like, commitment, and long-term goals. Ask any questions you may have, and decide if I am the right coach for you.

No pressure! 


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Intake Session

You've done a complimentary Discovery Session and now you're ready to commit.

Let's do a deep dive and get started.

We will discuss YOU! Where you are, who you are, where you want to be, your challenges, and your unique environment. We also may or may not discuss assessments on strengths, challenges, and values. 



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